As summer approaches and the high season begins, many parents decide to take advantage of the school vacation to bring excitement and adventure to their kids. With this in mind, we dedicate this article to first-time parents and families who may find flying with kids sometimes challenging.

The whole process of check-in, security, boarding, and crowded planes with the little ones seems like a mission that may test anyone’s sanity. However, this is far from the truth. Let’s set aside these challenges and focus on the exciting experiences that traveling and flying with kids can offer. Believe it or not, it’s easier than it seems! Follow these tips, and you can start looking forward to a more pleasant and joyful trip.

Making It Easier Than You Imagine

When planning a flight with your kids, it’s important to consider their preferences and behavior to tailor your journey accordingly. This might mean planning activities, selecting movies, scheduling nap times, or packing snacks and toys to keep them entertained during the flight, for example, our 2-in-1 kids pillow. Whatever your approach, remember that a family vacation is an opportunity for them and for you to disconnect from the daily routine and environment, creating lasting memories with your little ones. At the end of the day, it’s still parenting—just from a different angle and in a different place.


Choose a Less Busy Travel Period

A way to avoid excessive stress is to plan your trip during a less busy season and slower traffic days such as Tuesdays or Saturdays. We all know that the summer season is really tempting, with great weather and beautiful landscapes, but be mindful that everyone else will be flying during the same period. Busy airplanes and crowded destinations are not uncommon for this period, mainly if you are going to big cities and popular spots, besides the fact that the prices and fares will be on the top. With that in mind, we recommend you plan your vacation for a less busy season to make sure to avoid unnecessary struggles and give everyone the best experience possible.

The middle-end of the spring and the beginning of autumn are the go-to options when you have a pretty good chance of enjoying good weather with fewer crowds, you can check our favorite destinations here.

Depending on your destination, winter can also be a wonderful time to travel internationally. Many tropical destinations don’t have well-defined seasons, and you can avoid excessive hot weather. In case you are looking for a more relaxed and less adventurous stay, there are plenty of destinations in Europe and in the US that are quite formidable even under low temperatures.


The Ultimate Kids Packing List

To start off on the right foot, make sure to prepare all the essentials without overpacking. Pack just enough for the trip. If laundry is necessary, it is still easier than traveling heavily and worrying about the overweight.

Packing is key to ensuring a smooth vacation. That’s why we’re sharing the best packing practices for your next family trip, let’s make flying with kids easy!


To begin with, clothing takes up the most space in luggage. The best plan is to assign one set of clothes for each day, reusing bottoms on different days and mixing up the tops to save space. Shoes are another item that consumes a lot of space. Ensure everyone wears their bulkiest shoes during the flight to free up extra room in the luggage. Prefer comfortable and versatile shoes that can be used for both exploring the city during the day and dining with the family at night.


Carrying travel-sized toiletries can help save space. Most hotels offer shampoo, soap, and body wash, so unless you have a specific preference or necessity, consider leaving these at home. Try to use the same products for the whole family and choose versatile items that serve multiple purposes. This not only frees up space in your luggage but also reduces plastic waste and supports sustainability. Another indispensable item to carry is wipes; they can be used for almost everything, especially since kids tend to be a little messy. However, there’s no need to overpack—just bring the necessary amount. In case you would like some extra tips visit our other article and become a luggage packing master!


Preparing for the Flight and In-Flight Strategies

Be prepared for security checks. This can be one of the most stressful parts of your journey. To ensure it runs smoothly, pack your luggage so that any items needing to be removed during the security check are easily accessible. After passing through security, make good use of any spare time. Take your kids to the washroom to avoid dealing with it during the flight. Stock up on enough water, juices, and snacks to keep them distracted during the travel. Many airports now have dedicated family areas where kids can burn off some energy before boarding. You can visit one of the Be Relax spas to have some relaxation before the flight while the kids enjoy their time with our Nailmatic washable tattoo designs and coloring pens!

Choosing the Right Seat

Once you board, head to your seat—hopefully, you booked a window seat. Aisle seats can be dangerous for the little ones. Kids’ hands and feet can be bumped by passing passengers, and hot coffee and water from the beverage cart may be within reach, we need to be aware of this to avoid unwanted situations when flying with children. A window seat offers a view and places you between your child and other passengers. If you couldn’t book a window seat due to cost or availability, try to be mindful and respectful to the passengers next to you. Like everyone else, they just want an easy flight.


How to Overcome Jet Lag

Now that you’ve finally arrived at your destination and are ready to enjoy quality time with your family, there’s sometimes one last challenge to overcome: jet lag.

When flying with kids on long trips, jet lag can impact your experience, to adjust to the local time zone as quickly as possible, start planning even before you leave the plane. Have your meals and sleep according to the destination time, which usually means staying awake for the first few hours of the flight.

Regardless of when you depart and arrive, you can avoid jet lag. For overnight flights, find ways to tire out the kids in the afternoon before boarding. Keep them awake for the first hours of the flight. Upon arrival, resist the urge to sleep right away and adjust to the new time zone to ensure everyone is well-rested the following day.

Flying during the day and arriving in the evening works well too. You’ll have just enough time to check into the hotel, eat dinner, maybe walk around a bit, and go to bed without any issues. If your plane arrives in the middle of the night, set your alarm for 8 a.m. and start your day right away. A quick nap after lunch can be a good strategy if you’re feeling tired, but keep it short—between 30 and 45 minutes—to avoid compromising your sleep at night.


Traveling with kids can be a delightful adventure with the right preparation and mindset. By planning ahead, packing smartly, and staying flexible, you can turn potential challenges into memorable experiences. If you are passing by any of our locations, giving yourself some relaxation time before or after the flight can be the differential to alleviate some stress, find Be Relax Spa’s here.