The golden rule for travelling is “Arrive early” as it will overall ease the stress. Especially after more than two years of the pandemic, airports can be anxiety-provoking, and fliers need a space to find a sense of calm.

Airports widen their range of services and areas where you can unwind and find peace while being already checked in and done with security control. Here are some tips for “Finding Sanctuary” at the airport:

1. Zen gardens:

You can find Zen gardens at Dubai International Airport and at Changi airport Singapore. In Dubai, it is an area that comprises a fish pond, lush trees and benches to sit on while listening to the sounds of water. In Singapore, you can relax next to the world’s largest indoor waterfall, surrounded by greenery, including about 50 species of flowering plants specially grown in the airport’s nursery.

2. Meditation and Yoga rooms:

If you feel like spending your time in silence and tranquility or unwinding with your favourite yoga session, you can try a dedicated meditation room or yoga room. Knowing there is a designated place to stretch, move, meditate or be silent can help passengers be more comfortable and help them feel better while waiting for a flight. Two yoga rooms can be found at Frankfurt Airport, and their entrance is free of charge.

3. Sensory rooms:

Sensory Room is a new concept firstly opened in Seattle Airport, aiming to provide travelers who need a break and tranquility with a space to recover. Sensory Rooms are specially designed to provide a space where passengers can escape and decompress from a stressful travel experience to calm their bodies through the interaction with carefully selected finishes, lighting and furniture

4. Wellness amenities:

Either it is foot massage, deep tissue massage or freshly done manicure and pedicure, it all creates positive moments accompanied by a release of serotonin and dopamine. A professional massage will not only make you feel happier and relaxed, but it will also beneficially increase blood circulation. Find our spas in more than 40 locations in the world’s biggest airports!