reLounge offers a comprehensive solution for back pain relief and muscular relaxation. Combining the StimaWell stimulation mat with a specially designed wooden lounger, it integrates pain therapy, muscle strengthening, heat therapy, and massage into a single, ergonomic, relaxing system.

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Enjoy all the treatment benefits

EMS technology
EMS, an acronym for electronic muscle stimulation, triggers muscle contractions through external impulses, mimicking the body's natural bioelectric impulses. It is effective for back pain treatment.
Pain relief
reLounge treatment is specifically designed to target and alleviate back pain. With its ergonomic design, the lounger provides the perfect balance of support and relaxation.
Muscle strengthening
EMS technology utilized by reLounge stimulates and activates the muscles, leading to increased strength and muscle development. The electrical impulses penetrate deep into the muscles, effectively engaging and contracting them.