Facial massage with a jade stone. Techniques and tips.

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This time, our Wellness Journal is honored to feature an enlightening interview with Joyce Woo, the Brand Manager of BODYFUL, who shares authentic insights and perspectives on redefining water’s role in wellness.

Redefining Water’s Purpose

Be Relax: Joyce, what are the roots of BODYFUL?
Joyce: Inspired & designed in UAE and manufactured in Korea, the BODYFUL roots lie in our profound commitment to elevating everyday routines into acts of self-care and self-love. BODYFUL’s name signifies the harmonious blend of “BODY & MINDFULNESS” and “BODY & BEAUTIFUL,” celebrating the elaborate relationship between a mindful existence and the pursuit of beauty.

Facial massage with a jade stone. Techniques and tips.

Transforming Daily Rituals

Be Relax: How did the journey towards redefining daily rituals with a focus on water purity commence?
Joyce: Our journey began by redefining daily rituals, starting with the most fundamental element of life—water. The intention was clear: ‘to enhance the value of the water itself, recognizing its pivotal role in our existence.’

Integrating Wellness Water Filters

Be Relax: Joyce, why water filters?
Joyce: We realized that achieving a balance between mental and physical well-being isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey. While practices like yoga and meditation work wonders, they may not resonate with everyone. That’s where water filters come in. We set out to enhance the most basic routine everyone engages in—the daily shower. Starting with water filters addresses a common yet overlooked aspect, ‘the water we use daily’.
Surprisingly, many people aren’t aware that their everyday water may contain invisible chemicals and impurities. By tackling this foundational element, we’re providing a solution that seamlessly integrates into everyone’s daily routines, nurturing a holistic approach to overall health and vitality.

Facial massage with a jade stone. Techniques and tips.

The Profound Link Between Water and Well-Being

Be Relax: How do you see the connection between clear water and well-being?
Joyce: The link between clear water and well-being is profound. Beyond the obvious benefits of cleanliness, it’s essential to recognize that our body absorbs water not only through physical drinking but also during showers, through the millions of pores in our skin. Imagine drinking water that contains impurities and chemicals—most of us wouldn’t willingly do that. The same principle applies to showering. Clear water isn’t just about enhancing the external aspects; it’s about providing our bodies with the purest form possible, contributing to overall health and vitality. It’s a simple yet impactful way to safeguard our well-being from the inside out.

Facial massage with a jade stone. Techniques and tips.

Challenges in Water Quality

Be Relax: What is the least known fact about water pollution?
Joyce: An often-overlooked contributor to water pollution is the fast fashion industry. It often utilizes non-eco-friendly materials, which, in huge quantities, end up in massive landfills. These clothes shed tiny plastic bits called microfibers. We breathe them in and might even soak them up through our skin. This fact makes me rethink whenever I buy something.

Secret Wellness Habits

Be Relax: What is your wellness habit?
Joyce: My wellness journey began when I experienced a severe skin breakout, prompting me to reevaluate my habits, particularly concerning water. I’ve since adopted BODYFUL for my daily shower, emphasizing the importance of water purity for my skin and overall health. Moreover, I’ve developed a discerning approach to drinking water, prioritizing certain brands and meticulously monitoring my water intake. It’s all about a straightforward approach to wellness that began with addressing a fundamental element – water.

Facial massage with a jade stone. Techniques and tips.

Wellness Goals For 2024

Be Relax: What wellness/healthy habits would you like to improve in 2024?
Joyce: My 2024 wellness keyword is ‘Detox.’ Back in my 20s, I used to embrace detoxing with refreshing juices. However, as life got busier, I distanced myself physically and mentally from the rejuvenating practice. So, this year, I’m all about self-care and detoxing—cutting out negativity and filling up on good vibes.

Trending Wellness Practices

Be Relax: Is there a trend you discovered and are interested in trying or already tried?
Joyce: I’ve been fascinated by the booming trend in Korea, where shower filters have seamlessly integrated into daily life. What’s remarkable is that this trend extends beyond homes – people now carry their shower filters even when they travel. It’s like how they choose the right skincare product for their unique needs. It’s become so personalized that people don’t just use filters; they travel with them. This trend highlights a nuanced understanding of the impact of water quality on our well-being wherever we go.

Facial massage with a jade stone. Techniques and tips.

Thank you for sharing such insightful perspectives, Joyce. The BODYFUL’s mission and dedication to elevating everyday routines into acts of self-care and self-love is truly inspiring, and Be Relax is happy to partner with such a brand!
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