Diving into the sea of wellness advice to become a healthier, fitter, and better version of yourself can be overwhelming. In a recent article, we presented well-being apps to improve your well-being in only 5 minutes.

Today we will introduce you to a new trend: Wellness Wednesday. Because we know that sticking to your daily wellness routine in the constantly moving world can be a bit challenging, Wellness Wednesday will give you exactly the often-needed little boost in your self-care practices.

What is Wellness Wednesday?

Wellness is an important part of our daily lives because it helps us maintain a balance. Wellness means taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Wellness Wednesday is a habit, an informal occasion to be observed every week on Wednesday. It is a moment that you dedicate to taking care of yourself and focusing on the importance of positivity, well-being, and mental health. Because Wednesday is the middle of the week, it is believed that more motivation is usually required.

Wellness Wednesday tips

1. No Phone Time

Reducing screen time can have several benefits for overall health and well-being, including improved mental health and better sleep. With Wellness Wednesday, try to spend 2 hours of your day without your phone. In the beginning, it can be nerve-racking, so try to read a good book, do an outdoor walk, or even better, test yoga or meditation.

2. Write a positive journal

Life can sometimes lead us into stressful rails when we talk a lot about issues at work, challenging relationships, or negative news on TV.
How often do you mindfully express what you are grateful for? Write down 3 things you are grateful for and write 2 compliments or 2 things you are proud of yourself for achieving the previous week. Keep up with this routine during your Wellness Wednesday, and you will see a significant positive impact on your overall well-being.

3. Get lunch with a friend

A meaningful connection with another person can be just what we need to help us navigate through everyday life. Human interactions give the opportunity for growth and foster trust, which gives us the freedom and peace of mind needed in our environment & within ourselves. Research has shown that companionship lowers anxiety & depression, helps us regulate our emotions better, and leads to higher self-esteem.

4. Exercise

Whether you challenge your colleagues at work and go for a quick yoga session before work or walk home instead of taking a bus on your way home, all it matters is to stay active and do exercise. It will improve not only your health and appearance but also your confidence.

Wellness Wednesday is a weekly reminder that we should prioritize our health and well-being; it’s a great way for us all to make meaningful, positive changes toward living healthier lifestyles. Don’t skip a wellness moment when on the go; visit Be Relax spa, where only 15 min can make your body and soul relax and get you ready for your journey.