Unlocking the power of technology to boost your well-being starts with just a few simple apps. With today’s digital tools, you can create meaningful lifestyle shifts that help improve physical and mental health.

Our body is one big linked system, and it perfectly reflects a statement that Ella Mills, Founder of Feel Better, said so aptly in one interview: “How we sleep affects our cravings and our mood. How we eat affects our energy, our energy levels affect our motivation to exercise, how we do or don’t exercise affects our mental health, and our stress levels impact almost everything.”
Let’s explore creating positive changes for better well-being through easy-to-use digital resources.

1. Balance

With a 1-year free trial, this amazing customized well-being program is the perfect way to take your health and happiness into your own hands. Get ready for an incredible journey of self-discovery through gentle guided meditations with Ofosu or Leah – two mentors that will help unlock stress relief, improve focus, and create better sleep habits. So make today the start of something special by diving headfirst into this life-fueling opportunity.

2. Feel Better by Deliciously Ella

From a simple recipe website to an incredible mindfulness and well-being concept. With Feel Better’s 7-day free trial, get access to 800+ delicious recipes, 300+ workouts & exercises at home, meditations, and sleep improvement tools. Discover why Deliciously Ella is more than just a meal plan: it’s your shortcut to conscious life improvement.

3. VOS

Unlock your full potential with VOS – AI Well-being Companion. Offering a free version that allows you to track your mood and satisfaction levels alongside guided journals and meditations – all designed to help inspire positive change in both mind and body. If you decide to go one step further with Premium, you can expect access conversations with personal consultants who can support you on the road toward achieving total well-being, enjoy breathing exercises, unlimited inspiring quotes, and so much more within the exclusive Wellbeing Hub.

4. TalkSpace

Therapy can be a fearful proposition, but TalkSpace is making it easy and affordable to access. For the US citizen, there is an additional benefit of insurance coverage, which opens up quality therapy accessible to everyone. Get connected with licensed therapists via text message, audio, or video chat. Discover options like Teen Therapy or Couples counseling, all available from 1-week plans with exclusive first-time subscription discounts.

5. Water reminder

Hydration made easy! Everyone knows the importance of water intake, yet busy days can often lead to forgetting. A Water reminder app will be sending friendly reminders throughout your day – ensuring you stay hydrated and well-fueled no matter what comes up.

These tools have been designed to help people like you who are determined to change their lives and improve their health and well-being. Taking small steps each day, guided by the recommendations of professionals, can lead to big changes over time. Just five minutes a day is all it takes to get started on the path to a healthier, happier you. Give yourself the gift of better sleep, more energy, and improved motivation today.