Moving towards wellness is no longer perceived as a luxury; it’s a necessity. In order to remain vital and cultivate healthier and happier citizens, the major cities should become places not only to work but to thrive, grow, and feel well. And that is possible with a focus on new wellness infrastructure and innovations.

Discover some of the innovative initiatives and holistic approaches that are being used by some big cities to improve their residents’ well-being.

Singapore – Urban Wellness Haven

The goal of the Singaporean government is to establish an “urban wellness haven” by showcasing the city’s distinctive natural resources and wellness offerings through a variety of programs and projects.

A city surrounded by nature where relaxation and renewal are just around the corner. Singapore’s distinctive approach to integrating green and urban areas allows its residents to maintain a connection to the natural world even when they live in a city. It is replete with outstanding parks and gardens, sustainable attractions, and innovative wellness experiences. Besides the green aspect, the Singaporean government has a National Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy program. It focuses its efforts on preventive care by normalizing conversations surrounding mental health and well-being.



Dubai’s 30×30 – Fitness For Everyone

Every year, Dubai hosts an exciting month-long event focused on health and wellness in the city. This initiative aims to encourage residents to adopt a more fitness-oriented lifestyle. The challenge is simple: commit to 30 minutes of exercise daily for 30 days. Alongside the challenge, the city transforms into a fitness hub, offering complimentary activities to support participants.

In the previous edition, Dubai featured 25 fitness zones offering activities like football, boxing, spin classes, aerobics, yoga, paddle cycling, and more. The Dubai Run, which attracted over 226,000 runners and earned the title of the World’s Largest Fun Run, stands out. This annual event takes place from late October to late November, and you can find the schedule here.


Jersey Goes Organic

In Jersey, US Aero Farms has been working on initiatives to spread the consumption of organic greens across the city to give the population a wider variety of healthy and good food.

In the US, unhealthy lifestyle choices made by consumers led to major health issues, which had the greatest impact on the quality of life in cities.

The plan consisted of three steps: First, people in need receive a box of organic vegetables each week. Second, the initiative supports newborn children by providing home visits for three weeks post-birth, ensuring each child’s healthy start. Additionally, the company empowers the local community through Skills Build, a digital learning platform for skill assessment and career matching.


Investing in wellness is not just about individual health but also about creating vibrant, resilient, and happier communities. Whether it’s by creating urban wellness havens, revitalizing communities, or promoting healthy lifestyles through innovative programs. These cities are paving the way for a future where well-being is a fundamental aspect of city living.