As a part of our partnership appreciation commitment, we are excited to unveil the behind-the-scenes insights of our valued partnering brands. In this edition, we will present The Good Patch.

An insightful conversation with Cedar, one of the co-founders of The Good Patch, reveals the story behind the brand’s founding and the personal experiences that have shaped their wellness journey. From the origin of the innovative wellness patches to insights into daily habits and future goals, Cedar shares a candid glimpse into The Good Patch’s philosophy and the pursuit of holistic well-being.

The Good Patch: The Brand’s Inspiration

Be Relax: Cedar, where did the idea for The Good Patch brand come from?

Cedar: Two of the three founders of The Good Patch owned spas and noticed widespread everyday conditions among their customers. Seeing the need for a simple solution, they leveraged the effectiveness of patch technology, initially testing it with their spa customers, who embraced the products, leading to the brand’s establishment.


Benefits for Wellness

Be Relax: What are the benefits of wearing patches compared to other supplements?

Cedar: Comparing patches to supplements isn’t strictly comparable, as The Good Patch isn’t considered a supplement. The benefit of our patches is that consumers feel the effects throughout the duration of wear, with complete control over the wearing duration (up to 12 hours). Our patches offer specific solutions for the challenges of daily life.

Favorite Patches & Usage Habits

Be Relax: When do you wear your patches and which one is your favorite?

Cedar: My favorite is Rescue for a big night out, while Be Calm is my go-to for winding down or traveling with my family. I often share Be Calm with nervous flyers. Additionally, B12 Awake is excellent for daytime travel, and Dream is ideal for night time use.


Top Travel Destinations

Be Relax: What is your favorite travel destination and why?

Cedar: As a family of ocean lovers, Tahiti stands out for its crystal-clear water. The serene environment makes me feel relaxed and at home.

Daily Wellness Habits

Be Relax: What are your wellness habits?

Cedar: I was raised on healthy, homegrown food on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington and maintain those habits. I prioritize fitness, often engaging in activities like running, surfing, Pilates, or high-intensity boot camps. On more challenging days, I use the Active patch.


Future Wellness Goals

Be Relax: What would you like to improve in 2024 in terms of healthy habits/wellness?

Cedar: Establishing a better sleep routine and reducing social media consumption to be more present are priorities for 2024. Consistency in bedtime and wake-up times is beneficial for both body and mind.

Exploring New Wellness Trends

Be Relax: Is there a wellness trend you discovered and are interested in trying or already tried?

Cedar: I’m keen on exploring new fitness trends, particularly drawn to high-intensity Pilates, which has notably strengthened my core post-pregnancy. Additionally, I’ve developed a fondness for pickleball.

Philosophy and Inspiration

Be Relax: What is your mantra?

Cedar: While I don’t have a defined mantra, I strive to “say yes to life” and value my health. Despite a busy schedule, I aim to embrace opportunities, whether it’s a trip, a social event, or a new experience. Flexibility has enriched my life, such as when I surprised a friend at her bachelorette weekend in London. Embracing spontaneity while being prepared with plenty of patches has led to fulfilling experiences and no regrets.


Thank you for sharing such insightful perspectives, Cedar. As travelers start their wellness journeys, they can make the most of a special offer at North American Be Relax spas during February and March to explore The Good Patch. It’s a testament to the commitment of both brands to provide accessible and innovative wellness solutions for individuals seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.