Have you ever thought about how many different sounds you hear while traveling? Beeping, talking, announcements, music… all of which make the journey more exciting, giving you an adrenaline rush, but at the same time, it can be pretty stressful. To improve passengers’ experience, some airports are testing this new trend of well-being travel: silent airports.

What is a silent airport

Imagine you mute all the airport announcements. It is as if you put on noise-canceling headphones, and everything becomes quiet.
The airports aim to make the traveling experience more relaxing for passengers by reducing the noise pollution inside the terminal. Some exemptions exist for emergencies or covid-19 measure announcements.

What to expect from the visit

While traveling through a silent airport, you can expect a less stressful experience overall, but at the same time, you should be attentive to your flight details and updates. The responsibility for the flight updates and time planning of your airport visit is left solely up to you!

Which airports around the world are silent

We have shortlisted some airport hubs where you should not wait for your last call announcement:
Amsterdam Schiphol, the Netherlands
Cancún International Airport, Mexico
Cape Town International Airport, South Africa
Delhi Airport, India
Dubai International Airport, UAE
Helsinki Airport, Finland
Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore

Stress-free travel tips

If you want to eliminate the stress factors while traveling, we have prepared some additional tips to make your journey more pleasant.

1. Check at least 48 hours in advance that you have all the entry permits for your destination. You will avoid any last-minute stress caused by required PCR testing or online visa applications.

2. Arrive at the airport early. This way, you won’t be stressed if the check-in counter or security check queue doesn’t go as quickly as expected.

3. Travel light. Don’t carry unnecessary pieces of hand luggage and personal items. It is easy to forget them while shopping or dining.

4. Pack the right travel accessories with you. Travel Pillow in the small traveling pouch attached to your luggage will not get dirty, and you can be sure you won’t lose it. Check out our fantastic collection of travel pillows here.

5. Find places to relax and unwind. At almost every airport, you can find a sanctuary. It can be a corner full of greenery, a meditation room, or a spa. Be Relax, with its more than 30 spas worldwide, helps passengers to unwind and provides a peaceful island in the middle of the rush and busy environment.