If you have decided to eat healthier as your New Year’s resolution, don’t forget to carry it out especially when taking a flight! Nutritionists believe that the right food gets you through your time in the air physically as well as emotionally. Here is a list to help you avoid being angry as well as stay healthy:

1. Get your hands on fruits
Fruits can be easily carried through securities or found in airports. These raw and natural foods are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers. They also are a great source to keep you energized and hydrated.

2. Have your tea and coffee without sugar
Added sugar is the biggest enemy of all especially when traveling: it consumes more body energy to digest and sugar crash will make you feel upset or angry. It is best to have a cup of tea or coffee without sugar to counterfeit extra fatigue.

3. Pack healthy snacks
Take some dry nuts with you when you fly. These healthy snacks will help stabilize your nerves and brain, thanks to magnesium, protein, unsaturated fat, minerals, fibers, and so on. They are super-foods that benefit your health and keep a blood sugar crash at bay.

4. Ginger beverage on the plane
If you want to enjoy a non-alcoholic drink on the plane, we recommend ginger beer or ginger ale. Ginger is famous for combating nausea, cold, and upset stomach. Both drinks are bubbly and made of ginger and sugar, while ginger beer is less carbonated and spicier with the kick of ginger. Just make sure your drinks contain real ginger before drinking!

5. Subscribe to Priority Pass
If you still are looking for another option for healthy food in airports, you can start with the stores and restaurants listed in Priority Pass Program. It is a subscription program that provides a wide choice of comforts at airports, including lounges, spas, and dining places. Redeem your membership benefits now to treat your body to a healthy flight!

The saying never gets old: treat your body like a temple. A healthier body always guarantees a more pleasant flight and life. Come to Be Relax spas if you are looking for a massage or beauty service to top off your wellness journey!